E-learning Activities :
- A workshop was held in two lectures .The first lecture ( The culture of E-Learning )was given by Mr.Salah Zainy (The Director of statistics and information)in Training and Development Directorate . The second lecture was given by Miss Najla Ibrahim from Training and Development Directorate.

- Testing the preparation of the infrastructure among the three sites ( the ministry's main office, Al-Dhora refinery and BOTI) and making initial experiment on accessing the electronic course IMS , as well as uploading an electronic course on the one found on the E-Learning site.

- A tender will be advertised to establish the educational studio that serves the process of E-Learning.

- Constructing the courses of ( Welding and Drilling) by a specialized team that includes the teachers of the subject material and the course analysts and designers. A workshop was held to evaluate the electronic course by teachers specialized in the oil sector before uploading it on the project site. Some other courses are under construcion.

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