Vision and Mission

Our Vision :

1- Develop and enhance training and motivate MoO employees to use new technologies.
2- Provide users with training courses and curriculum 24 hours a day.
3- Increase training courses participants numbers and overcome classroom free spaces obstacles.
4- Decrease inside and outside training courses costs.
5- Link MoO companies and directorates e-learning locations to enable MoO employees have a knowledge about the latest technologies development and exchanging expertise with their partners all over the world.

Our Mission :

1- Set a logistical plan to establish e-learning project .
2- train e-learning teamwork by cooperating with well-known international companies.
3- Rehabilitate e-learning classrooms and labs.
4- Link MoO headquarter, BOTI and MRC locations.
5- Set necessary rule to facilitate project implementation.
6- Establish and develop MoO electronic library by making a link with IVSL.
7- Prepare electronic training courses in different petroleum industry fields.

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