Brief About the Training and Development Department


The training and development department was established in 2007 with the increasing of demands to develop the skills of oil staff and to upgrade the level of technical and administrative work to be in line with the development in the oil industry in the recent years, in which Iraq seeks to reach the highest levels of production in quantity and quantity through developing the skills of workers in the oil sector and preparing National staff to replace the foreign staff of companies that work in the oil fields of Iraq within the contracts of petroleum licensing. This comes through the implementation of a comprehensive development plan targeting oil staff for all specialties at all levels including training courses and development workshops using modern training methods such as electronic training and distance learning in addition to the annual guide courses implemented by the training department in the halls of the Department or in the oil training institutes, Courses outside Iraq in cooperation with foreign centers and companies. The directorate is also working to provide opportunities for preliminary and higher studies for oil associates inside and outside Iraq through a plan implemented by the Department of Academic Education in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and international universities. The main task is to follow-up the work of the oil institutes concerned to provide the ministry of oil with technical staff through the follow-up department of the institutes. The department is keen to obtain international accreditation in various technical and administrative fields, in addition to obtaining the international quality certificate recently. Vision of the Training and Development directorate The training and development department seeks to develop the capabilities of the employees in line with the strategy of the ministry in increasing the production of oil and gas and energy security in order to achieve the plans of the ministry, which aims to promote the oil sector and develop its resources available and the most important development and investment of human resources as a key element of production.
The message:
To manage the training and development process for the employees of the sector in terms of quality and efficiency that required by the work and to lead in the field of training and development to ensure improved performance and increase production.
1- Preparing a comprehensive strategy that includes updating training and development plans and programs in coordination with companies and oil departments as well as cooperation and coordination with the international companies working in our oil fields, institutions and training centers concerned with the training of staff of the oil sector.
2 - Provide training programs with quality and efficiency that qualify the trainee to get the appropriate experience and that makes him able to practice the work with great skill.
3. Building strategic partnerships with the business sectors to implement technical and vocational training programs.
4 - Qualifying and developing staff in the oil sector in the technical and professional fields according to the demand for quantitative and qualitative work.
5 - Follow-up of the fees for school holidays inside Iraq and fellowships and scholarships outside Iraq.
6. Setting up a mechanism for determining standards and monitoring the extent of the achievement of the training plan and ways of dealing with obstacles and modifying the plans based on the new circumstances and in coordination with all formations to address the negatives.
7. Optimal use of available resources, especially human and financial resources, to ensure the best results.
8 - Qualification of staff of new appointees in the oil sector.
9 - Increase the capacity and efficiency of oil staff in the field of English language.
10. Develop oil training institutes (review and develop the curricula of the institutes and provide the requirements of theoretical and practical education in order to raise the level of graduates of these institutes to the level of graduates of international oil institutes).
11- Establishment of vocational training centers specialized in oil industries, especially in the oil provinces.
12. Cooperation with the academic and training institutions operating inside Iraq related to the oil sector.