About site

The main idea behind founding this site is to give a definition about the directorate work, duties, and accomplishments , to keep up with the technological developments that serves the users of the Iraqi ministry of oil. It is modern electronic gate about the information and services the directorate afford. Moreover, it seeks to understand and define the needs of users by creating communication way to keep in touch with users for 24 hours. Besides the directorates endeavor to share its services and achievements with the users of this site.

The site is distinguished with the following:

  • Beautiful ,professional and simple design.
  • Suitability for the site contents.
  • Fast browsing and loading.
  • Proper distribution of contents.
  • Easy accessibility to information through the search drive.
  • Easy browsing.
Using interactive and different techniques including :
- Commenting on all subjects.
- The Learning Management System LMS.
- The Virtual Courses System VCS.
- The Lecture Recording System.
- The Electronic Examinations System.
- The User Database System.

  • A presenter in Arabic and English.
  • The News: The site collects the E-Learning related activities and achievements
  • Showing the teaching lessons: The site presents a collection of teaching lessons related to the followed E-Learning systems explained in a simple professional method for each of the targeted group.
  • The Support: The site gives full support for the beneficiary group of the oil sector employees and the students of oil institutes with specialized courses.
  • A magazine, library and teaching courses: The site presents a wide collection of scientific magazines and books through the library of the oil ministry and the IVSL in addition to free courses as required for each specialty.
  • The site answers all inquiries through contact us.

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